YV Fresh

Weekly Berry Update


YV Fresh are a network of Australia’s finest berry farmers distributing to supermarkets across Australia. Their berry range includes unique strains exclusive to the brand such as the Krimson Kiss – a cross between a blackberry and raspberry.


Our task was to promote their range of berries and increase both brand awareness and product knowledge amongst consumers.


We created an informative video series campaign entitled the YV Fresh Weekly Berry Update, using influencer and nutritionist Andi Lew to showcase the berry range and highlight their health properties. This campaign brought viewers to the source of the berries at YV Fresh’s Silvan farms, with 10 made-for-social-media videos shot on location.


The videos were posted on YV Fresh’s social media accounts, alongside shares and dedicated posts by Lew reaching her niche and health-oriented follower base. This video series helped to not only strengthen the key associations of freshness and locally-produced for YV Fresh, but also educated consumers on the unique properties of YV Fresh produce.


This campaign is still ongoing, but we will have results up soon!