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Our full end-to-end video and photography services will help you visually showcase your products, craft your brand story, and build brand narratives. Our team believes that every picture and every video is an opportunity to show your audience that your brand is unique and unparalleled, so we will always ensure that your brand is looking its best. Whether you need some product photography, content for your social media, or a video explaining your brand, we’ve got you covered.

Our production services include end-to-end product photography, business portraits, social media video creation, studio and on-location photography, and other general brand photography and videography.

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Our photography services range from styling, shooting, to final edits. Ensure that your brand is always looking its best and contact us regarding your specific needs.


Our full end-to-end production team will help develop all your business’ video needs. Every project is different, contact us detailing your requirements.

Graphic Design

Make your brand stand out with custom designs and graphics. Our skilled team of graphic designers can create logos, overlays, graphics, and more to suit your brand’s needs. 

GRES logo and graphic design by Melbourne digital marketing agency Haines Media
Press release and content writing by Melbourne digital marketing agency Haines Media

Content Writing

We have a team of copy writers who can translate your brand into the written format. We understand that every brand has a different tone, character and way in which they want to be presented. 

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