Village Dairy



Village Dairy are an Australian family owned and operated business with 15-years’ experience in the production of yoghurt and cheese.


Our task was to create a new website for the brand.


We designed and created a new fully functional website highlighting the brand’s locally-made charm. This included the use of pictures showcasing Australian farmland and dairy cows and copy focused on their commitment to the local community.


The website features pages for about, products, and contact details, as well as two separate blogs – one for recipes and one for general blogging by Village.


All pages and graphics where designed to align with Village’s brand style and image, with elements from product packaging such as the barber pole stripes being implemented to create brand congruency across all mediums.


Village Dairy now have a stylised website that furthers their brand image, showcases who they are and what products they sell, and creates a positive first point-of-contact for potential customers.