Pukara Estate

Brand Strategy


Pukara Estate are an Australian brand that produce extra virgin olive oils and vinegars recognised as amongst Australia’s finest.

We were tasked with formulating a brand strategy that would elevate Pukara’s position as a premium Australian olive oil and vinegar company.


We developed a communications strategy for Pukara that would allow them to craft a premium and professional brand image. This strategy was then implemented through several key customer touchpoints.


We created a fully functional and comprehensive website that included pages for Pukara’s products, history, stockists, and membership program. The website allows for ecommerce sales, and features both product and location photography taken by our team.


We also took care of Pukara’s social media and community management, further ensuring that all potential customers had a positive experience with Pukara online, while still maintaing their luxury brand image.


Pukara’s online presence is now focused and inline with their desired brand image, with a fully functional online store ensuring that interested browsers are converted to customers.