The consistency in Content Marketing and Marketing Strategy: El Cielo

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Content Marketing is important for the brand as well as the consumers, to build trust and generate customer loyalty.

Our Client El Cielo is a Melbourne based Tortilleria offering locally made traditional nixtamal corn tortillas. They specialise in sourcing quality Mexican produce and ingredients, offering a personalised service for restaurants and retailers seeking authentic gourmet Mexican flavours.

It’s important a brand’s authenticity reaches its customers. Content is the key to drive inbound traffic, strategizing that content effectively being the core. The constant online presence of the brand with a great content gives it the much-needed exposure. We applied the same strategy to increase the sales on the e-commerce site by 300% and their online presence with the help of Social Media Marketing and Blogposts for the targeted audience, Mexican food lovers!

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Social Media

In the digitalised world, it’s important to be consistent on social media for brand recognition. By following this consistency on a weekly basis, we aimed to accelerate the sales of El Cielo as well. We did so by having a consistency in its voice, content, posting and aesthetics. The voicewe use is a positive one with personal tone, to make them feel closer to the brand. The contentwe focus on is relevant to our audience and authentic to the brand as well, something they’d share with their family and friends, maintaining all the ethical boundaries in the process.

Blog Posts

With innovative blogposts incorporating authentic and fusion recipes, our goal is to attract new consumers and increase audience engagement. When it comes to food content marketing, blogging helps you build a community by understanding the audience and their persona. The fusion recipes help us gather a wider set of audience for wider appeal, ensuring they are always hungry for fresh content.

Product Photography

To boost our high-quality social media and blog content, we used aesthetically appealing visuals with the help of Haines Media product photography. To showcase the distinct personality of any product, food/product photography helps you showcase it in the most meaningful way. Our team of skilled professional photographers captured the El Cielo products in their most authentic form, enhancing its appeal. The captured imageries were further used on our blogposts and social media platforms, attracting audience.