Memory Lane Cookies - A 2020 Success Story

As the COVID-19 pandemic shook many businesses to their core, Cookie Concepts have gone beyond simply adjusting to the ‘new normal’, and instead are coming out of a time of crisis even stronger than they entered.

Cookie Concepts

Cookie Concepts supplies handcrafted gourmet cookies to many cafés and food services companies across the country – you’ve probably had one of their cookies at a Starbucks or Gloria Jean’s without even realising.

Like any other brand struggling to survive in 2020, they witnessed over 80% alarming reduction in sales in the wake of COVID-19.

With a business strategy built on supplying products to food service business that were now shut down or greatly restricted, it seemed an insurmountable challenge.

Keeping almost 20 years of their legacy in mind, however, Cookie Concepts founding wife and husband duo Lindie and Harold worked with Haines Media to create Memory Lane Cookies.

Enter Memory Lane Cookies

Memory Lane Cookies flips the Cookie Concepts model on its head by offering hand-designed cookie gifts to be sold directly to the customer, while keeping the wholesale side of the business separate.

This includes a product range filled with unique offerings such as giant 30cm cookies, custom cookie gift packs, and cookie cakes.

Launching the Ecommerce website

Haines Media understood how the need for physical goods is placing pressure on new channels, with demand for e-commerce rising to new levels.

That’s why, in May 2020, Memory Lane Cookies’ ecommerce website was launched to bridge the gap between them and their potential customers.

Within a month their sales were booming with 348% month on month growth, while their online store sessions rose up to 139%. Aiding in this increase in sales and retention was Memory Lane’s active social media accounts, with Instagram and Facebook constantly boosting the brand’s reach with constructive content marketing.

While getting customers through the door is one thing, keep them is perhaps even more important. With a well-above average returning customer rate of 44%, customers were happy and so were Lindie and Harold!

Raising Brand Awareness and Exposure

The next step to Memory Lane Cookies’ success story was a PR Campaign, implemented to shape positive public opinion and raise brand awareness.

With the help of effective influencer marketing, Memory Lane were able to communicate their unique message and effectively appeal to and mobilise an even larger audience. Many social media personalities provided valuable content in the form of posts and stories, adding to Memory Lane Cookie’s social media presence with value creation for both sides.

Not only did this campaign build partnerships with Memory Lane and popular social media personalities, but it built also brand trust and awareness of Memory Lane Cookies within their target audience.

The impact was seen in a continued growth of sales, even as COVID-19 restrictions worsened.

It's All About Timing

To attract customers and gain momentum with your product/brand in the market, effective timing is crucial. In every situation, there is an opportunity to be found.

The effective timing of launching an ecommerce store and PR campaign for customers to gift fun and personalised food-gifts to their friends and family during the middle of a pandemic that limits the opportunity for social interaction was key to the success of Memory Lane.

Make Your Brand Our Next Success Story

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