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Haines Media talks about the importance of brand, marketing & PR

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Full of energy, innovative ideas, and progressive thinking, Haines Media love all things strategy, branding, marketing, and PR.

Amanda Vella, Executive Director at Haines Media explained the company’s passion for their work, “What’s not to love when we get to deep dive into creative thinking everyday by way of restructuring a business, giving businesses a face lift, and redefining how they look, feel, sound, smell and communicate! And don’t get me started on the excitement around strategy development!”

Whether it's a cutting edge digital presence or unique PR events, Haines Media makes brands stand out

The South-Melbourne based marketing agency has the luxury of a diverse team who have worked across the globe in a multitude of industries and in varying capacities. This diversity of background and experience gives the Haines Media team an edge and unique perspective that all brands crave.

“A strong brand identity is absolute key, as it forms the foundation for all marketing and PR attentiveness,” said Amanda. “A brand differentiates businesses from their competition, by positioning businesses as a standout to their potential customers in their industry.”

Imagery is everything when creating a brand identity

Marketing is an essential tool for businesses to stand out and build exposure. By utilising proven strategies, analytics and algorithms, Haines Media is able to effectively communicate what a client has to offer their customers, analyse target markets and manage client’s customer’s expectations. These strategies are used to assist sales teams and key people within a client’s business through customer acquisition and retention to generate and maintain awareness about their brand and encourage repeat purchase.

Having effective, targeted, and strategic communication processes in place is critical in building any brand’s credibility. Through years of servicing their clients, Haines Media has determined that PR used in conjunction with business, brand and marketing strategy is the key to bridging the gap between a business and its clients. This is carried out through earning respect, establishing trust and solidifying reputation amongst key target markets, increasing news media, social media presence, and maintaining a consistent voice across all communication platforms.

An example of clean and effective web design by the Haines Media team

Shaping an organisation's image, generating noise about the brand, and spreading the key messages are forms of minimising the effect of any negative publicity. PR is a way of earning people’s attention rather than interrupting. Haines Media knows how to create compelling stories gaining publicity from free trusted, unpaid, or earned channels. When Haines Media has people talking about their clients, it influences prospects for their clients more than advertising.

“Get your company mentioned in the news, and you will generate leads. Develop sound word of mouth, customer testimonials, and editorial media and you have made a huge impact,” Amanda explained.

Getting your brand in recognised publications generates leads and future customers

Businesses of all sizes have ongoing challenges of scarce resources. Utilising the effectiveness of outsourcing branding, marketing, and PR to an external company with expertise in the areas of business, brand, marketing, and PR, teamed with a united force of creatives gives any business a competitive edge. Unleashing a fresh pair of eyes in their marketplace combined with subsequent mass lead generation gives a business a step up over their competitors.


Haines Media are currently taking bookings for free consultations to discuss marketing, PR, and business growth options with business owners looking to take the next step and expand their business.

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