Re-Branding Case Study: Introducing Levik

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Since 2003, metal fabricator Pierre Le Roux has been designing and hand-crafting premium metal art for commercial and residential clients across Victoria under the name PLR Design.

Over the years, Pierre has garnered a positive reputation for his design expertise, keen eye-for-detail, and commitment to delivering high quality metal art for his clients.

In January 2020, After 17 years of operation, Pierre decided it was time for PLR Design to enter a new era, with new branding better reflecting the company's professionalism and experience with commercial projects.

With the task of creating a new brand name and image for an already established and respected brand, Haines Media and Pierre worked together to develop the next evolution of PLR Design: Levik.

Levik was conceptualised to stand out from competitors and represent a true premium metal art offering suitable for work with commercial and residential projects.

The choice to remove "Design" from the brand name while most competitors have names that include words describing their product / service was a conscious one. The goal was to create a brand strong enough to stand on its own, without any qualifiers.

The use of a non-dictionary word in "Levik" allows for the brand to fully own the associations consumers have with the name, and gives plenty of room for the brand to grow.

It also helps that Levik just sounds good.

After deciding on a name, a logo and brand image was developed next (as outlined below), with Levik's website and social medias also being updated to ensure that the brand's online identity remained consistent.

Levik's logo

The design of Levik’s logo reflects the brand’s core values of providing high-quality metal fabrication through professionalism, simplistic solutions, and design expertise.

Using a wordmark also puts Levik’s brand name at the forefront, allowing for faster growing brand recognition and awareness on a lean marketing budget.

Simplicity ensures the logo’s longevity, with minimalistic wordmarks being a tried-and-true long-term solution for brands desiring an image of consistency and quality.

As the brand’s target audience is predominately commercial property developers, architects, and designers, it is imperative that the logo tells the story of a brand that is not only high-quality and design-savvy, but also professional and suitable for large-scale projects.

The angular typeface makes an immediate impact that depicts Levik as a stand-out brand, with accents at the height of each letter giving the logo a unique sense of flair and style. This typeface was manually tracked to ensure the logo has space to breathe, further showcasing the brand’s sophistication and dedication to detail.

The logo itself does not convey the brand’s products and services, rather it conveys the brand’s quality and grips potential customers who want to find out more.

Design elements of uppercase letters and loose letter-spacing, typically associated with luxury, solidify Levik’s positioning as the highest quality metal fabricator in Australia.

Finally, the logo’s colour – midnight express blue – separates Levik from competitors predominately using jet black, while further aligning with the brand’s professional and quality image.

Want to find out more about Levik? Check out there brand new website.