Hello Hemp

How-To Videos


Based in Melbourne, Hello Hemp is the creator and distributor of cafe-quality hemp blends and coffee. Outside of coffee ground, they produce three flavours of non-caffeine powdered drinks. Hello Hemp faced a challenge of many consumers not fully understanding how these powdered drinks are to be prepared.


Our task was to utilise social media to convey to consumers how the drinks are to be prepared.


We shot and edited three “How To” videos visually displaying how these drinks are best prepared.


The videos were shot in our studio, providing a professional and clean backdrop that keeps the focus on the drink. The videos showcased not only how to prepare the products, but also the look of the actual powder and the product packaging.


Each video ends with an appetising shot of the drink, enticing potential customers who are undecided on the product. Each video was also edited to include text overlays describing each step, ensuring all viewers could follow along with audio on or off.


As with all communications, Hello Hemp’s branding and image was kept in mind while creating the videos in order to guarantee brand alignment.


Hello Hemp now have informative social-media-ready videos to show consumers the best way to prepare their drinks, ensuring a positive customer experience.