Hello Hemp

Press Release


Hello Hemp, the creator and distributor of cafe-quality hemp blends and coffee, were looking to introduce three new non-caffeine powdered-drink products to the Australian market.


Our task was to create a communications material informing potentially interested media companies and influencers of the new products and how they could collaborate with Hello Hemp.


We designed and crafted two separate press releases for Hello Hemp.


The first was intended for other media companies, with a focus on Hello Hemp’s brand story and values. The other was tailored for influencers, containing a call to action for content creators, as well as various short hemp facts that could potentially be shared in social media posts.


Both two-page releases were designed to align with Hello Hemp’s brand style and image, utilising the brand colours of black and gold with a sleek and modern look.


Hello Hemp emailed these press releases out to a multitude of media companies and social media influencers, creating greater awareness for their new product line.