Website Development

GRES Website Mockup


Global Rehabilitation Environmental Solutions (GRES) was a start-up enterprise looking to reduce the environmental impact of mining and rehabilitate past operating sites.


Our task was to create a website that communicated their mission and values.


We designed and created a fully functional website for GRES that visually aligned with their ideal brand personality.


The use of selected nature photographs to emphasise their sustainability mission and values, while a clean design and modern typeface ensured the website maintained the brand’s professional image.


As GRES were an early-stage enterprise, a scrolling home page was used to contain all the relevant information consumers would need on one page. This included the brand’s methodology, objectives, impact reduction and rehabilitation plans, and their contact details. This custom design was simple yet effective in meeting the brand’s specific needs.


GRES now had an online presence that communicated their mission statement and visually aligned with their brand image.