Presentation Development



As start-up enterprise looking to reduce the environmental impact of mining and rehabilitate past operating sites, Global Rehabilitation Environmental Solutions (GRES) faced many challenges in communicating the complexities of their business to potential clients.


Our task was to create a communications material that could be used to introduce their business.


We created a comprehensive presentation that detailed the business, its objectives, and its processes.


This 20-page information pack was developed to align with GRES’s pre-existing brand image of sustainability and professionalism. This included the use of pictures of nature being rehabilitated and thriving to visually showcase their passion for reducing our impact on the environment, and the clean design and modern typeface making the presentation suitable for corporate use.


This information pack was used for both presentations to potential clients, as well as an information pack to hand out to interested parties.


GRES were able to use this presentation to comprehensively introduce their complex business to potential clients in a simple manner.