Logo Design


Global Rehabilitation Environmental Solutions (GRES) was a start-up enterprise looking to reduce the environmental impact of mining and rehabilitate past operating sites.


Our task was to create a logo that conveyed an image of professionalism and sustainability.


We designed and developed a modern logo for GRES that aligned with and furthered their brand image.


This logo strived to utilised earthy and leafy tones that mimicked those found in nature, tying the brand’s mission for environmental rehabilitation into their branding. The stylised “G” was rounded coming to a sharp point to resemble the typical shape of leaves, once again creating an inherent association between the band and the environment.


The logo was also developed with constant thought to its professionalism. The simplicity and flow of the logo ensures that it looks professional on any documents online and offline.


The logo developed allowed GRES to strike the perfect balance between a corporate and environmental style.