El Cielo

Product Packaging


El Cielo are Melbourne’s first tortilla bakery, offering restaurants and retailers a host of Mexican foods, including tortillas, traditional Mexican corn chips, tostaditas, natural gourmet salsas, and top quality dried chilies.


We were tasked with designing El Cielo's product packaging.


We created product packaging for El Cielo’s entire range. The design process was focused on creating an authentic look that would invoke key brand associations of freshness and genuine Mexican produce. 

Research had shown that packaging displaying natural-looking images of the food can make consumers more likely to view the product as authentic. We took this concept a step further by using transparent cut-outs in the packaging to showcase how the products truly look, giving transparency to customers and increasing their likelihood to view the brand positively and therefore buy the product. 

The typeface and designs used on the packaging were also heavily inspired by those predominately found in popular Mexican culture. This design means that consumers do no only see El Cielo’s products as authentic and fresh, but that they will also view the products innately as Mexican.


El Cielo now have effective product packaging that solidifies their brand image as an authentic and genuinely Mexican food brand.