Cookie Concepts

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Cookie Concept Website


Cookie Concepts are one of Australia’s leading gourmet cookie makers, supplying cookies for brands such as Starbucks and Gloria Jean’s.


A known brand for over 20 years, our task was to revamp and modernise their website to create a better customer experience.


We created and launched a new website for Cookie Concepts, focusing on creating a vibrant and friendly brand image that complements their status as a local Australian family-owned business.


This new website included fully functional pages for their brand story, products, distributors, and contact details, with new copy written by our team emphasising the brand’s unique personality.


We organised a photo and video shoot with the founders, employees, and the cookie-making process, to once again reinforce the ‘human touch’ of their handmade cookie business. We also photographed Cookie Concepts’ entire range of products in a studio-setting, allowing for consumers to view all Cookie Concepts products under the one roof.


Cookie Concepts’ website is now more functional, modern, and appealing to potential consumers. The site’s design also now aligns with their desired brand image and personality, creating brand congruency.