Product Photography


Cocofrio are an Australian producer of the world’s first FODMAP certified ice cream in the world.


We were tasked with photographing their entire product range.


We photographed Cocofrio’s products with two distinct goals – showcasing the product packaging for corporate and website use, and showcasing the products in use for social media and other promotional materials.


The first shoot was done in our studio with a white backdrop, putting the focus solely on the product and its packaging. This gives images that are perfect for use on a products page or list.


The second shoot focused on stylised shots of the product in various forms – in its packaging, the ice cream itself, and in different foods. These photos are more suited for social media and other marketing efforts to entice potential customers, rather than simply inform them.


Cocofrio now have high quality images of their products in various styles and forms, meaning that, whatever their future needs are, they will have a perfect photo for the occasion.