Butt Naked

PR Campaign


Founded in the Melbourne, Butt Naked Skin Foods offer a vegan, natural, and organic body care range.

We were tasked with creating a PR campaign to raise their brand awareness.


We undertook a detailed target and market category analysis into potential target markets for Butt Naked within the skincare industry.


From there, we formulated an overview of the Butt Naked Skin Food products along with content personalised for each segmented target market, before engaging with key figures within the industry in order to promote Butt Naked to the wider public.


This campaign primarily utilised influencer marketing, alongside traditional PR tactics such as featuring Butt Naked in several digital and physical publications that reached their target market.


The online influencer campaign saw Butt Naked Skin Foods have a measurable reach of over 80,000 consumers, with over 4,000 unique consumers engaging with photos posted by the influencers.


The use of digital and physical publications also meant that Butt Naked had a potential reach of over 2 million consumers.