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Your Ultimate Guide to Content Creation!

There is an undeniable rise in content creation, especially on social media platforms. For content creators, digital marketing has been an epidemic of success and will continue to flourish in many years to come.

With businesses shifting their focus away from traditional marketing styles such as print, TV and radio, the need to adapt content creation is crucial.

Whether you are producing an Instagram post for your feed, LinkedIn posts, a story or a poll – the importance of content and engagement prove vital time and time again.

I mean we are all social media marketers in our own way…. That photo you posted with your friends and family, or that boomerang from last weekend... The real question is what does it take to influence our audiences, maximise engagement and make an impact on your target markets?

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As a content creator, it is curial to produce engaging and meaningful content that can boost your uniqueness amongst your competitors… Why is your content better than theirs? How do you stand out from the crowd of hundreds of similar content creators?

Regardless, whichever pathway and platform you choose to utilise, it is crucial to offer value to your audience resulting in your brand being chosen over a competitor. Various elements need consideration to ensure you have powerful content to spread awareness throughout your audiences.

There are many options you may choose your brand to identify with in the tone of your language, whether it is professional, fun, bubbly or informative.

First things first, you should consider a style guide. This includes tone, language, colour palette and a general theme to ensure your content is consistent. By doing this, your audience will never confuse your brand personality.

Remember, most the time – less is more.

This can be daunting, and we get that… so we have created some tips for you on why creating content is a crucial part of your brand strategy and the best ways to go about creating this content.

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1. Brand Personality.

If you want to create a point of difference also known as a unique selling point (USP) amongst the undeniably oversaturated market, then it is crucial you develop a brand personality.

This is a perfect place to start as it will help shape the ways consumers make cognitive associations with your brand. Deciding on a brand personality will allow you to develop the direction you want your brand to strive towards especially when relating to the design and content you will post online.

2. Create and Maintain the Posting Schedule of Engaging Materials on Your Social Media.

We all know the importance of planning and ensuring you make the most out of your social media platforms, yielding the best engagement and results comes from consistent posting, scheduling, and engagement with your audiences. We recommend checking optimal days and times to post, ensuring you engage for at least 2 hours before and after a post is scheduled and released.

Likewise, posts should happen 2-4 times a day whether that be on the feed or story – maintaining engagement with your audience is crucial. However, don’t get too caught up in the number of posts, still, focus on quality content and ensure it reflects your brand and its personality. Each post should have meaning and value, therefore, being impactful in conveying its message to your audiences online.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

With the need for consistent posting schedules, it is important to consistently aim to produce quality content. However, it is crucial in establishing your brand – much like SEO. SEO provides trends within the industry that can be used to better the presence of your brand among audiences. These search engines help to ensure your brand is exposed and recognised by a wider audience.

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We hope these three simple steps will help you start your content creation journey and will ultimately make a difference in your brand's success. Ensure to keep an open mind to the changing world of social media creation and content, as it is consistently changing. Therefore, the ability to be adaptable and flexible will also influence the success rate of your brand.

Reflection and feedback are also quintessential aspects of creating successful content. Through this, you can see areas of improvement, the parts of your content your audience prefers or dislikes and how you can keep maintaining and boosting engagement to drive future success.

Well…what are you waiting for?

We are excited to see what you can come up with!