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From Fairy-tale to Fruition… The Simple Do’s and Don’ts of your Next PR Campaign

Social media engagement is vital for establishing a connection with audiences and maintaining that all important brand image. Consumers are interacting with media content more than ever, so it’s important to ensure you’re aware of some simple elements of creating a successful PR campaign.

Token Toasties is a Melbourne foodies dream! Adding spunk and flavour to ‘generic’ toasties within Melbourne’s food scene. Token Toasties allows its guests to immerse themselves into the pop-grunge era of the 90s and take obsession to the next level.

Tanya, creator of these mouth-watering toasties, has dreamt of being published in Broadsheet and Timeout… Well, here’s how she did it!

DO Use Engagement:

We all know the importance of engaging with our audiences. Try and use this engagement to form connections with your customers and focus on addressing their needs and wants. With Tanya’s ability to connect and post consistently relevant content that appeals to her audiences, she has been able to successfully manage and maintain engagement.

Offering sixteen extraordinary vegan and vegetarian friendly toastie combinations and mouth-watering sides like Locked & Loaded Fries, Tanya tailors her menu to suit for every foodie’s diet!

Sold Out Sign In Shop Window

DO Share Your Journey To Success:

Similarly, sharing your personal story adds credibility to your content that resonates with consumers. It is important to consider the message you are sharing. Token Toasties has been able to share their journey on multiple platforms, raise awareness and generate hype for their hot, juicy, and delicious toasties.

Through Token Toasties recognition on Broadsheet and Timeout, Tanya was able to maximise this communication pathway. The articles created hype and encapsulated the Token Toasties vibe, resulting in a sell-out within early trading hours.

Blog Post on Token Toasties

DO Be Your Authentic Self:

Another important feature to note is the importance of authenticity and ensuring that the goods and services you provide reflect your business values. Through self-authenticity, companies can generate rapport and built relationships with trust. This is crucial in making your mark in our busy commercial world. Using blogs, social media and creative content, Token Toasties created a breakthrough in the food industry.

TimeOut Blog Post - Token Toasties

However, with changing media trends it is important to remember that even the most thought-out campaigns can go south. Understanding these next few points may help maximise chances of success for your next campaign.

DON’T Be Overly Promotional:

Being overly promotional can deter customers. Yes, we all have a product or service to sell, and we want to reach our goals. It is important to consistently review your tone, language, and delivery. Also, consider the 4Ps of marketing… price, promotion, place, and product.

Having an accessible product available to consumers, at a price they’re willing to pay, that can meet their needs and wants, is bound to yield success when implemented alongside an effective campaign.

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DON’T Be Inconsistent:

With such a busy lifestyle, running a campaign can be extremely time consuming. However, to ensure the likelihood of success within your campaign, staying consistent is crucial. Remaining relevant through innovating, adapting, editing and trial and error will allow for the most constant outcome about your company. As a result of this stability, consumers will feel a sense of established trust and rapport, maximising your reliability as a brand and therefore, positively influencing your impact on your audiences.

DON’T Forget About Your Social Media:

Social Media Likes

Ultimately, with the rise of social media advertising, the influence media campaigns have on consumerism trends is undeniable. It is important to remember social media plays a crucial role in determining the success of your campaign. Therefore, incorporating various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok can make all the difference in your overall campaign accomplishments. Focus on monitoring the social media activity that occurs and use engagement to leverage the trust of your audiences and highlight the interest you have in connecting with them and the value you have for their opinions.

To put it simply, regardless of how you choose to interact online with your audiences, just make sure you put in the effort to emphasise the care and importance of your consumers to you and your brand.

So, get ready to kickstart your PR campaign and treat your tastebuds to a delectable Token Toastie today… creating your newest obsession. It’s time to join the craze and turn your fairy-tale to fruition.