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Customer Experience – The Key To Winning for Your Brand

Increasingly, with the past couple of years of lockdowns and stay at home orders all over the world, businesses, manufacturers and retailers have been needing to redirect their trade online. E-commerce has been a growing venture since 2020 and has increased a further 38% in the first quarter of 2021, with around 2.81 billion global digital buyers shopping online.

As Haines Media is set to take the international stage, an understanding of the market and trends is essential to help our clients take advantage of the digital space. We know that e-commerce is changing the way people think and purchase, especially with Afterpay options, low interest rates and the ease of instant transactions.

With many competitors vying for consumer attention, we deliver something we believe is at the root of our company- customer experience.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

Having the right strategy in e-commerce and customer experience would mean that we could position you at the top of the market and target multiple generations of people; those who are experts at online shopping and others who have no experience at all.

This would mean having key elements such as:

  • User friendly interface;

  • FAQs and help lines;

  • Clean webpage;

  • Fast checkouts; and

  • Protected security on personal details.

This is critical to customer experience management, as these factors will help your brand gain momentum and dominate the competition with a smart and flexible approach that is personalised to you by Haines Media.

Think about it this way, would you buy a product or service if the company was slow, inefficient and lacked communication with you? The answer is probably ‘No’. Having a stellar first impression, good services, customised packaging and efficient communication, would result in customer loyalty and consumer retention.

How does Customer Retention Fit into the Process?

Customer retention comes from the combination of fantastic customer experience and e-commerce retailing. A study by Harvard University showed that a profit of 95% can be reached with just 5% of customer retention. Think about what that would mean if you could keep most of your consumers!

It can be 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain the consumers you already have. In fact there is 60% to 70% more success in selling to already existing customers rather than someone new. This means that advertising can be done more organically through social media messaging and email marketing, rather than traditional and stock standard advertising.

To have a successful label and loyal customers, businesses need to include:

  • Personalisation of emails;

  • Trend setting;

  • Automated and timed campaigns;

  • Performance metrics;

  • Having sale goals; and

  • Marketing plans

Brands will realise that having a balance between gaining and retaining customers is the most important. Those who concentrate solely on acquisition lose their current market, but those who focus on just their customer base now, will lose out to their competitors.

Apart from the customer retention, businesses need an interactive platform and digital space for consumers to connect with the company and to find out more about the products.

How does a digital landscape change the game for you?

Haines Media’s mission is to break boundaries and start a conversation. We specialise in helping brands with creating a platform that is not only visually appealing but easy to follow and offer the most up to date information.

Your site and your social media reflects who you are as a brand. It is the first impression you will give to your clients.

Haines Media can help you with:

  • Design and Function

  • Logical and focused information

  • Building a site

  • Creating fresh and good quality content

  • Ensuring that you are contactable

  • Making clear calls to action

  • Gathering attention and how to funnel it

Social media is also an important part of expanding your company. Without it, business will fall behind. Around 91.9% of brands are using social media to promote themselves. But are they doing it right? Whilst it can boost your brand, it can be time consuming, and at the end of the day, you could still be struggling to gain market attention. You need to know the right strategies and understand the nature of these volatile platforms. Haines Media can take care of all your accounts with:

  • Timed campaigns

  • Imagery, videography, photographs

  • Fun and pointed captions

  • Booking influencers

  • Colour schemes; and

  • Endorsements and activism


If Haines Media’s mission statements and ideas on customer experience and digital space align with your own, contact us today to see how we can help you improve your customer service skills and boost your sales.