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A Day in the Life — Intern Edition

Gaining hands-on experience as an intern is a challenge in itself, let alone during a global pandemic.

As I underwent my final year of uni, I was lucky enough to secure and complete an internship with a PR agency at the beginning of the year, however I hadn’t felt fulfilled — I felt like I didn’t get enough out of it.

As things started to look up for Victoria, I went on a hunt to secure a second internship in the hope to gain more experience. Lo and behold, I came across an internship opportunity with Haines Media and was fortunate enough to be awarded the position.

As I entered my second internship, my expectations were low due to previous experiences. I had an in-built idea of what it’d be like to be an intern and what jobs and responsibilities I would expect to be doing (thanks to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘The Intern’). I had my run-in with coffee runs, filing and cleaning around the office.

Since starting at Haines Media, my expectations have shifted immensely.

Firstly, I wasn’t the one grabbing everyone else's coffee, I was someone who joined along. Not only did this make me feel welcomed, but it also helped me develop connections with the team.

Right off the bat, I was given responsibilities and access to all the BTS which was something I had not yet experienced. This ongoing responsibility and trust made me feel a sense of belonging which I had not yet felt before — in regard to my role and the team.

A typical day for me is waiting outside the office until one of my team members arrive — I somehow always seem to get there first, when PT is on time lol. Once we get our morning coffee fix we ease our way into the morning.

From data entry, analysing reports, admin and scheduling content, my day is always busy. We have a weekly WIP which I am thankful to be a part of and love when the whole team gets together.

Other jobs that arise are helping write press releases, create media lists, contribute to strategic plans and influencer research. I work closely alongside Kristina (my manager), whom I am able to bounce ideas off and consult with if I have any areas of concern.

As I reflect, I have learnt so many important skills. One major takeaway is learning how to listen and take on constructive feedback. Continuously going out of my comfort zone is where

I have learnt best, navigating challenges and overcoming them with the help of the team.

With a couple of internships now under my belt, I have learnt that you don’t necessarily need years of experience to succeed in the comms world. If you’re willing to learn, listen and you have a comprehensive understanding of how to reach an audience and communicate, you’re on the right track.

My time at Haines has been super rewarding and although it sounds cliche, I learn something every day. I would recommend other uni students to undertake as many internships as they (you) can, as they allow you to grow in ways a textbook can't.

Handy tip: Invest in a notepad, write down your daily tasks and cross them off #satisfying